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Lost people of the world

Many people in places like India poverty and sickness enter into the hearts and minds of the people. It is a reality that they must face every day. They have nothing to live for. We have been blessed by God immensely. Incredibly. We need to use this gift. God has allowed us to be born here. Why? Maybe because that as Americans we have a lot more freedom than they do. We can do more here. We have such freedom and yet some Americans don’t use it for much other than themselves. Money is a gift from God and so is our life! Like Hannah, who gave her beloved and long awaited son to God because she knew that God had imparted life into Samuel and graciously allowed his life to enter the world. Hannah prayed for God to give her a son and when God did she gave him right back to Him and was very grateful. That is beyond me but that is the best example of gratefulness for life I can think of. I am thinking that if we Americans can bond together enough we can make an impact. For eternity. Each person who is saved is another person saved from the eternal, raging fire of hell! Just think! We can make an impact! Not on our own strength but on Him who saved us.


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