If God is so powerful why didn’t He stop Adam and Eve

Well to start out with God knew Adam and Eve would sin.  God looks kind of mean to have the power to stop Adam and Eve from eating of the tree and didn’t.  I’ll try to clear this up a bit.  God gave Adam and Eve a choice of obeying Him or disobeying Him and eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Satan in the form of a serpent enticed Eve to eat it because it was tasty and gave her the knowledge of good and evil.  She ate it and gave it to her husband and he ate of it too (Genesis 3:6).  Later Jesus had to die on a cross to make it possible to be clean of sin, not just covered.  If God had stopped Adam and Eve from eating that fruit he never would have died on the cross.  And how else would God have shown his mighty love, grace, kindness, and generosity.  God let Adam and Eve eat the fruit because it was all a part of His perfect plan so He could demonstrate this.


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Why bad things happen

Why do bad things happen? Well, when God created the world the world was good. Genesis 1:10 God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together He called Seas. And God saw that it was good. Now we know God is perfect so He wouldn’t call something good unless it was perfect. But when Adam and Eve sinned (Genesis 3)their world wasn’t perfect anymore and pain, sin, and death came. This is why bad things happen. Don’t blame God, God made us a perfect world to live in. Sin corrupts.

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My views on Children’s behavior

At churches some children’s behavior is very cliquey and poor.  Why? 

1. What gospel message are we presenting the kids.  Well one church seems to offer several messages.  Asking Jesus into your heart, accepting Jesus as your Savior, and Repenting and trusting Christ as Savior are common ones.

2. Asking Jesus into your heart.  You will find this nowhere in the Bible.

3. Accepting Jesus as your Savior.  We do have to aknowledge him as Savior and we either accept or reject Him.  But Jesus knows who will accept Him and who will reject Him.  We have free will but God knows everything so of course he knows what we will choose even before we choose it.  And it isn’t simply accepting Jesus.

4. Repenting and Trusting.  You will find this phrase,”Repenting.” all over the Bible.  And the Bible cleary states we have to trust in Christ as well.

5. What is Repenting, the only option left?  You may say,”It’s not the only option left but are we going to trust our warped, partial thinking or God’s holy, pure, infallible Word.  What is Repenting?  Well the dictionary says to turn from your sins.  What does that mean.  Turning from your sins means that you understand your need for a Savior.  You hate your sin, sorry for what you have done in the past.  It does not mean we will not sin but it does mean we will not want to sin.  If you think you can sin more now that you have grace to cover you, you should rethink your motives. 

6. How does this affect Children’s behavior.  With all these gospel presentations their minds get muddeled and they reject the whole idea.  You see it gets complicated with all these gospel messages.  Now, with the false idea that they are a Christian they feel at peace.  Why not.  There is grace enough to cover them.  And they behave poorly.  Not just because they think they have grace but because they aren’t a true Christian they want to look good and cool to others.  They may even come from a biblical worldview but if this teaching continues they will never see their true condition.