One Gospel Messge

Hi, I’m Courtney and I am going to tell you about One Gospel Message. It is an organization I plan to start featuring the one and only true gospel message. Here is the one gospel message. Repenting and Trusting Christ as Savior. I am trying to get people’s minds working about the fact that there are too many gospel messages that sometimes conflict with each other confusing the minds of children like me. I will explain later. But I want to tell you about the “one gospel message.” I’m going to give you the good person test. 1. Have you ever lied? (Be honest with yourself.) 2.Have you ever taken God’s name in vain? ex. using his name casully. 3. Have you ever commited Adultery? Jesus said whoever looks with lust has commited adultery already in his heart. 4. Have you every stolen anything, even if it is from your freckle-faced brother.(or sister) That’s only four of ten commandments. Do you think even if you only broke one once that God can let you in to his perfect city. In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve had to be perfect to live there. As soon as sin entered their world their world was not perfect any more. God cannot let one sin into heaven because it would make heaven not a perfect place anymore. God is a just judge and when you commit sin it’s like breaking the law and you will be punished in hell. It is not just about going to heaven but also not going to hell. But there is a way. God willingly came from heaven to be born in the form of a man into a world full of sin, pain and death, to be beaten, nailed to a cross and killed for our iniquities. (to take the punishment we deserve) God loves us that much. But that was’t the end. Jesus rose from the grave and ascended into heaven to once again be with His Father. So that if we turn from our sin, meaning to hate our sin and are truly sorry for the sins we’ve commited and trust in Jesus as the only way,(not relying on yourself) you will be saved from your sins. Forever. And you will someday walk with angels on streets of gold forever and ever.

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