What if we

What if we…

Started living more for others instead of ourselves,

Stopped complaining and thought about the people all around the world who had absolutely nothing,

Began living for the approval of God instead of man,

Ceased talking and just listened to what others had to say,

Instead of being so entertainment and media focused, we spent more time praying and reading the Bible,

Instead of judging people by their outward appearance, we took a step back and tried seeing them as God sees them,

Instead of being content with the world’s low expectations of humanity, we rose above the cut and strove to make a real difference,

Stopped looking at every day as our own, and started looking at it as a gift from God,

Started entrusting our lives into God’s hands, instead of being worried and nervous,

Began realizing how wretched we are without Christ, and laid aside all our pride and self esteem,

Stopped moaning and groaning about our duties, but did them cheerfully and well and with a whole heart,

Never made any decision before pondering what Jesus would have done, had he been in your place.

Just food for thought.

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