God answers, but in His own way

God answers but in his own way.  When you ask God for something keep in mind that He isn’t a genie that you can rub a lamp and get anything you ask for.  God answers but sometimes He says no.  If you ask for something that it isn’t in His will for you to have, you won’t get it.  Maybe down the road you will get it, but the answer could be no forever.  We just got to accept that.  Of course there is no telling what God will do, He’s not predictable.  Don’t think God isn’t real because He doesn’t seem to answer.  He does answer, but not with words.  If you pray for a thousand dollars for missionary work and God doesn’t give it to you it isn’t His will at the time.  Learn to trust God.  He knows what’s best for you even if you think you do.  He won’t test you beyond your strength and He won’t give you something that isn’t good for you.  If you pray about something, wait and He will answer.  Romans 8:28  All things work to together for good to them that love the Lord.  To them who are called according to His purpose.  Don’t stress out.  God knows and does what is best for you.

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